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Buy A Lot and Build!

  • Land to build - All of our land listings are on our website, located at the end of the homes.  Land for sale is always limited due to demand.
  • loans?- All of the BVI banks are listed with their emails on our website.  Email them for their latest rates.
  • Owner Financing?- Owner financing is rare in the BVI but you can always try.
  • What are my restrictions?- As a non BVI lander you have to get permission to reside from Immigration Dept; permission to work for the Labour Dept.; a Trade License from the Dept. of Trade, if you wish to own your own business. 
  • Can I be self employed? - Yes if you obtain the above items.
  • Can I build my own home? - You will need a Non Belongers Land Holding License to purchase a lot in the BVI.  You must name your builder and exactly the amount of bedrooms and baths and pool you wish to build along with the cost of the building.  You will be expected to spend a minimum of $250K to build.  Normally $250K will not go very far as building costs are high because all supplies must be shipped into the BVI.  And because labor prices are high.  It will about 1 year to obtain the Non Belongers Land Holding License.

    Some people use a local builder to get the building up and then do their own finishing work.  Some local builders will agree to only supply labor, you arrange all construction items and getting them to the BVI and to the site.

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